Volume 1

Episode 1-2 (24 minutes)

BoBoiBoy has just Tok Aba's house to help him at around at his Cocoa Stall. There, he met and befriended Gopal, Yaya, and Ying. Meanwhile, an alien known as Adu Du has found out that Tok Aba's cocoa is the strongest energy source. He sent his robot, Probe to steal some cocoa samples but was busted by BoBoiBoy who followed Probe into the spaceship. BoBoiBoy successfully managed to get the cocoa samples back but little did he know, something has followed him home.

Episode 3-4 (24 minutes)

BoBoiBoy was given elemental powers by Ochobot; the power sphere and trains to control it better. He also can't wait to tell his friends about his new elemental powers. Adu Du on the other hand is still in rage over the fact that he not only lost the cocoa, but also the power sphere. He and Probe goes to take back Ochobot, and fights BoBoiBoy in the process. Due to BoBoiBoy being in danger, Ochobot gave powers to Yaya, Ying and Gopal in an effort to save him. They join forces together to defeat Adu Du and help ones in need.

Volume 2

Episode 5-6 (24 minutes)

Gopal is still having trouble in finding out what his super powers are. He asks for BoBoiBoy's help but their plans were cut short when Probe hassles them and causes BoBoiBoy's to battle with the mighty MultiMonster. Things are getting hairy as the MultiMonster multiplies every time it is defeated. How can BoBoiBoy ever defeat the ever increasing army of MultiMonsters?

Episode 7-8 (24 minutes)

After a string of failures, Adu Du begins to act more aggressive in his effort to defeat BoBoiBoy by kidnapping his friends. He manages to kidnap both Yaya and Ying, and now only BoBoiBoy and Gopal is left. Both decide to plan a mission to save both girls and in the process Gopal manages to find out what his super power is. Unfortunately, Adu Du still hasn't shown his secret weapon. How will BoBoiBoy and his friends get out of this mess?

Volume 3

Episode 9-10 (24 minutes)

Adu Du is still attempting experiments on creating the perfect cocoa mixture as Tok Aba's did but is met with a string of failures. Meanwhile, BoBoiBoy is peacefully living his life by helping his Tok Aba at the stall. In an effort to make his job easier, BoBoiBoy split into three so he can finish his cocoa deliveries faster. Unfortunately, he founds out that there is a weakness in using his elemental split if he continues it after a certain time limit. Adu Du finds out about the weakness and attacks Tok Aba's shop, managing to kidnap BoboiBoy Lightning at the end.

Episode 11-12 (24 minutes)

BoBoiBoy Lightning is kidnapped and is bought to the torture room on Adu Du's spaceship in an effort to make him spill the beans on Tok Aba's secret on making the best cocoa mixture. Unknown to Adu Du, the torturing process has only succeeded in making BoBoiBoy Lightning much more powerful. However due to BoBoiBoy's amnesia after using the elemental split, he manages to fool him into thinking that the villains and BoBoiBoy are good friends; and the real enemies are Yaya, Ying and Gopal. BoboiBoy was sent to attack and defeat his family and friends. Things are getting bad until Probe makes a grave mistakeā€¦

Volume 4

Episode 13-14 (24 minutes)

A new console game titled PapaZola 5 has just been launched and is the new favourite game of BoBoiBoy and his friends. Adu Du has created a device to warp BoBoiBoy and Gopal into the PapaZola 5 universe. In effort to save them, Tok Aba has to learn on how to play the console games while being helped by Ying and Yaya. Will Tok Aba succeed in saving BoBoiBoy and Gopal?

Episode 15-16 (24 minutes)

BoBoiBoy and Gopal was managed to be warped out of the PapaZola game universe after the gang successfully managed to finish the game. Unfortunately, both of the protagonist and antagonist of the game; Papazola and Sleeping Monster were also warped out by mistake. Adu Du takes advantage of this mistake by allying itself with the Sleeping Monster, and attacks Tok Aba's house. In that battle, the Sleeping Monster tricks the gang by using the dream bubbles to disable Yaya, Ying, Ochobot and Tok Aba by making them sleep. BoBoiboy and Gopal manages to use the dream bubbles to get to the Sleeping Monster and the others, but at what cost?

Volume 5

Episode 17-18 (24 minutes)

Although both PapaZola and the Sleeping Monster were evenly matched in their first checkers battle, it sadly didn't end with PapaZola in triumph. Now with only 2 of the best out of 3 rounds are left, there is little time for BoBoiBoy and friends to think of another way to defeat the Sleeping Monster. Fortunately, Tok Aba volunteers to fight checkers with the Sleeping Monster in the nick of time. Can Tok Aba defeat the 5 times Monster Checkers Champion?

Episode 19-20 (24 minutes)

It's the eve of World Cookie Day and Yaya is excited to make as many cookies as possible to give to her friends. BoBoiBoy, can't bear watching his dear friends baking all those cookies alone and forces himself to help her out. Adu Du decides to take advantage of this day by sending probe to swap an ingredient that was needed by Yaya with the Emotive Chemical X. BoBoiBoy Wind, who was helping Yaya out by shopping for the ingredients then accidentally ate a cookie from the sabotaged mix.

Volume 6

Episode 21-22 (24 minutes)

BoBoiBoy Wind who is under the influence of Adu Du's cookie trap has now transformed to BoBoiBoy Cyclone. As the Emotive Chemical X makes BoBoiBoy Cyclone's emotions to be unstable, BoBoiBoy Lightning and Earth decides to take him down. They then try to find a way to have BoBoiBoy Earth to change into BoBoiBoy Quake. As this happens, Adu Du has contacted Ba Go Go to get a much more advanced weapon in order to defeat his nemesis; BoBoiBoy.

Final Episode (24 minutes)
This time, Adu Du enters the battle with the Mukalakus Robot, while feeling fully confident of his chances to defeat BoBoiBoy. Even though BoiBoiBoy has used his elemental split, and had his friends to help, he still couldn't find a way to defeat Mukalakus. Maybe only BoBoiBoy Earth's true power can help them change the situation, but only if BoBoiBoy Earth finds a way to transform into BoBoiBoy Quake.